Profhilo with Alexander Fitzgerald

It’s not a filler and it doesn’t immobilise your head. And that’s why Alexander Fitzgerald was so keen to try the latest ‘tweakment’, Profhilo

There comes a day when reality hits home that you’re closer to 60 than 30. And when it hits, it hits hard.

When the reflection staring back at you during the morning shave reveals more lines than you care to remember, there comes a time when you either decide to embrace ageing or, to some degree, to fight it.

While receding hairline and expanding waistlines can be tackled with hair transplants and dietary changes (and increased exercise), thankfully there’s plenty, too, that can be done to stem the proliferation of fine lines that, in this instance, seem to have gathered pace around the eyes and mouth.

There’s no shortage of moisturisers (whether wallet-friendly or jaw-droppingly expensive) and serums that promise to make a visible difference, I’m firmly of the belief that more dramatic — and instant — results can only really be obtained by the professionals.

And that’s what led me to Dr Altona at Facial Rejuve Clinic. Word-of-mouth referral is powerfully persuasive, and her reputation was stellar. Friends had raved about her skill with a needle and how she had an artist’s touch when it came to injectables such as fillers and Botox.

Following a consultation to ascertain my skin type and what I hoped to achieve, a two-course treatment of Profhilo (pronounced pro-file-oh) was recommended to give an instant lift to my skin and result in a firmer, fresher appearance. The treatment, I learned, not only acts as a moisturiser when it is injected under the skin, but it also helps the skin to produce the collagen that allows it to look supple.

I was instantly sold on the results, but, being of a squeamish nature, was concerned about how it worked and what pain, if any, was involved. Any fears, however, were soon allayed as I was given a quick explanation of the procedure and how it works.

Profhilo, according to Dr Altona, is a revolutionary skin bio-remodelling treatment that helps to tighten up the skin. It takes less than 30 minutes, involves a series of painless injections and gives visible results in just two visits, without many of the aesthetic effects that are associated with conventional fillers. I was sold.

While I was sceptical about the procedure being “painless”, Dr Alton was as good as her word. The injections — which are administered on carefully selected areas around the face — could never be described as enjoyable, but were merely mildly uncomfortable; and the entire process took well under the 30 minutes allocated.

While the speed of the treatment is impressive, the onset of the results is even more so. While I didn’t see any immediate difference, within a few days I noticed a subtly sharper jawline and more defined cheekbones. I even looked less tired due to a slight lift at the side of the mouth. And even a few months down the line, the quality of my skin looked to have significantly improved, due to the ongoing skin-rejuvenation benefits,

Was it all in my head? Apparently not. Not long after the treatment, two colleagues had remarked on my fresh appearance. Some weeks later, a neighbour asked if I had just returned from holiday as I had an “enviable glow”.

Unlike other ‘tweakments’, there is zero down-time with Profhilo – no tell-tale swelling and no visible surface skin damage. Even with a close-up inspection in the mirror, it was nigh on impossible to see where exactly the injections had been made.

While some may caution that ‘tweakments’ are a slippery slope and once you start, you can’t stop, there’s a world of a difference between wishing to look like a teenager and simply wishing to look the best version of yourself. I fall firmly into the latter – and that’s why, when the ravages of time take their toll further down the line and the effects of Profhilo (which, I’m told, is long-lasting and requires just two touch-ups a year) wear off, I’ll happily join the queue for a repeat treatment.

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