The good work, you don’t see. You just get the compliments! Ever since I had my rejuvenation plan I have had so many compliments! I cant recommend it enough, I have never been happier, my confidence has really grown! If you are thinking about doing it, just go ahead and do it! You won’t look back!


Im getting married this year and I wanted my skin looking its best! I opted for some anti wrinkle injections and a course of vampire facials. I have to say that the experience overall has been brilliant and it was completely pain free. Everyone is complimenting my skin, it feels plumper, its shiny and its healthy!


This is my 3rd time having my lips done by Dr. Altona. The experience was 5 star and pain free, the results are amazing! Thats why I keep coming back to Dr. Altona, I am so happy how with how they look! I have no problem recommending Dr. Altona and Facial Rejuve to friends and family, in fact, my sister just had her lips done too!


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We like to create a personable rejuvenation journey for each of our clients.

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I am extremely happy with my treatments and results from Dr. Altona in Facial Rejuve. She is such a personable person and actually takes the time to go through the various treatments available and what would work best for me. Her approach is completely different to any other clinic I have been to and she really focuses on the journey and made it more of an experience than anything! The clinic is absolutely beautiful and  and you are actually excited about going in! She treats you like you are attending a spa!

Johanna McAleese

As a bride to be, it’s easy to panic and get sucked into every single gimmick going to get you wedding ready and then get disappointed when you don’t see results, but with facial rejuve I felt Dr Altona gave me amazing advice and set me on the right path to that “Bridal Glow”. From the initial consultation I felt Dr Altona really spent time analysing my skin and the concerns I had. I have been to Facial Rejuve now a couple of times and I can 100% see a difference in my skin. Dr Altona is so up to date with all the latest skin techniques also, so I was seriously impressed. Big recommendation to any brides to be. X

Emma Noone

Hi, my name is Gemma and I came to see Dr. Altona in the Facial Rejuve Clinic . I am so happy with my treatments, she is very knowledgeable and she made me feel so comfortable and the clinic is outstanding!

Gemma Kilbane

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We like to create a personable rejuvenation journey for each of our clients.

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Great results from Facial Rejuve, professional and friendly and makes you feel really comfortable around the treatment you are seeking to have!

Results are exactly what you expect and will definitely be back and highly recommend.

Ronan Collins

I am so happy with my natural results. Dr. Myers was amazing. I am petrified of needles but she put me at ease immediately. I don’t know why I was worried. I didn’t feel a thing not even a pinch! She is extremely gentle and professional. She listens to what you want and that is very important for me. I wanted to have movement and look natural and I have never had so many compliments. It has really boosted my confidence and I would highly recommend Facial Rejuve Clinic. Well done Dr. Myers. I am smiling from ear to ear.

Olivia Kenealy

Always delighted with the results and professionalism received when I visit the Facial Rejuve clinic. Altona is brilliant at what she does! I recommend her to everyone and I’ll definitely be back for more treatment! Well worth a visit if you’re considering fillers.

Nikki Dempsey

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We like to create a personable rejuvenation journey for each of our clients.

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