Top 10 LED Teeth Whitening Kits

With today’s evolving world, you can buy just about anything online, that includes home teeth whitening kits. Your teeth can discolour for various reasons these include drink, food, ageing, medications, smoking, and sometimes genetics can play a part. Achieve a beautiful and whiter smile, eliminate those yellowing stains, and achieve a brighter and pearly white smile, then teeth whitening kits are the way to go. There are so many different types of teeth whitening kits available to buy online that you can use at home. LED teeth whitening kits enhance and speed up the whitening process. The LED is a safe blue light. Here is our guide on the top 10 LED teeth whitening kits.

#1 Teeth Whitening Kits (

Teeth Whitening Kits

Teeth whitening Kits are the leading suppliers of high-quality LED teeth whitening kits online in Ireland. We highly recommend them to start your teeth whitening transformation today. They offer 2 different products mega white teeth whitening kits and blast teeth whitening powder. The teeth whitening kit contains 4x 3ml non-peroxide bleaching teeth whitening syringes, carry case, custom bite and boil mouth tray, small light LED including batteries and instructions for safe home use. Their clinical-grade formula is by far the best we have tried! Turn your dull, stained, and yellow teeth into an amazing brighter and whiter shade with only a few treatments. Achieve up to three to four shades whiter. The products are safe, effective, pain-free, and very affordable. You will not be disappointed.

#2 Glo Brillant personal teeth whitening device

Glo Brillant teeth whitening is one of the most expensive and leading teeth whitening kits on the market but an exceptional product. It combines the warm heat hydrogen peroxide whitening gel which is formulated specially and the light-optics technology in ways to whiten your teeth a lot quicker than normal. Glo can connect to your Bluetooth on your mobile a wireless operation so you can treat your teeth while walking around your home. The product is proven to whiten up to five whiter shades in just 5 days. Your teeth can be whitened in just 8 minutes and results can be seen after the first use. The kit contains control and lanyard, mouthpiece, case, universal USB cable, a power adapter, peroxide whitening vials for 40 applications, a travel case, an instruction manual, a lip treatment, and a storage and travel case.

#3 Aura glow deluxe home teeth whitening system

Aura glow combines an accelerator light and a peroxide whitening agent. The kit contains 2 5 mill syringes and a 35% carbamide peroxide. The whitening system can target all stains including smoking, wine, and coffee. It is designed to create no mess and easy to use. Its sensitive approach causes no pain or sensitivity. You can achieve results after the first treatment. The mouthpiece is made of BPA free food grade silicone and is of high quality. The light contains 5 intense LED bulbs which speed up the teeth whitening process.

#4 Active premium wow teeth whitening kit

This whitening kit contains professional trays, whitening syringes, LED Whitening, and a remineralization gel. IT contains three different customised trays for your mouth which makes sure it fits the teeth perfectly. Use the treatment once for 15 mins daily. It provides dental grade results quickly and the LED light improves your smile and looks easily and quickly. You can achieve results after the first treatment.

#5 Magic Brite complete teeth whitening kit

Magic Brite brings you a professional whitening experience with fantastic results in just a few treatments. Whatever you need is included in the kit. It contains two swabs with vitamin E, 2 whitening gel syringes, LED light device, guide for the different teeth shades, and two trays. The moldable trays are easy to mold to your teeth by simply putting them under hot water for a few seconds until they become supple and the bite into to mold to your teeth. Even the toughest of stains can be removed with no pain or sensitivity.

#6 Cali white deluxe whitening system

Cali White is the ultimate teeth whitening treatment system. With 10 treatments you can achieve up to 8 times brighter. You will see your discolouration and staining disappear. The kit contains preloaded safe for the enamel 35% carbamide organic peroxide formula with the serum causing little to no sensitivity, 2 different whitening trays, and a blue LED light. To use, put some whitening gel on your mouth tray, place it into the mouth, turn on the light, and wait approx. 20 minutes. For maximum results repeat 7 to 10 days. The kit also has a carry case to enable you to carry and whiten while on the go and to keep it clean.

#7 My smile professional teeth whitening system

My smile teeth whitening kit is ideal for anyone with sensitive teeth. The kit includes a customised tray and 3 packs of 18% carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel. The kit also includes an LED light that will speed up the process for whitening on the teeth and it also has a timer which turns off automatically after just 15 minutes. You can do 2 treatments per day and notice brighter and whiter teeth in a few days. It provides removal and reduction of stains. My smile should last up to 9 days with maximum use.

#8 Grace and Stella co pearl teeth whitening kit

Grace and Stella kit includes 3 gel syringes, 2 trays, and a detailed instruction handbook. The remineralisation gel lowers any teeth sensitivity by the primary minerals replenishing and strengthens the teeth enamel. The teeth whitening gel is of a dentist professional grade that will help with the removals of stains fast. It is made up of 44% carbamide peroxide to give safe and fast teeth whitening treatment. Achieve instant and results are guaranteed in as little as 2 applications. To use the product, simply apply the gel to the tray, insert the tray to the light, and place it into the mouth for 5 to 20 minutes. It is a simple kit to use and great overall results. You won’t be disappointed.

#9 Starlite smile LED light teeth whitener

Starlite smile LED light is known to be 1 of the most bright devices with 16 blue LEDs available to buy on the market today. It includes 3 adapters, for USB charging, I phone, and android. It is easy to use and a high-quality device. This product does not need batteries or extra trays for whitening.
Looking for a Hollywood smile and brighter and whiter teeth well check out these teeth whitening kits to use in the comfort of your own home. If you haven’t tried one of these kits you should for guaranteed results and pearly white teeth every time.