We understand the importance of healthy, youthful skin. Good Botox can boost your confidence and change your life, but cheap treatment can be devastating. Here’s a look at some of the potential problems with cheap Botox and why this isn’t a treatment that’s worth the risk of cutting costs on.

Quality Botox for Beautiful Skin

Botox is safe, popular and effective for reducing signs of ageing, making it perfect for targeting the likes of crow’s feet, frown lines and lines and wrinkles around the mouth and forehead. With anti wrinkle injections in Dublin at the Facial Rejuve clinic, it means there’s no need for surgery and only slight discomfort with the prick of a needle, and within twenty minutes it’s complete. You’ll typically see results by two weeks, and they’ll last three to six months.

Quality Botox may cost more, but when done well it will smooth out lines and wrinkles to rejuvenate the skin. It will give a naturally youthful and beautiful look to the face, leaving your skin looking fresh and healthy.

The Problems and Potential Pitfalls with Cheap Botox

With cheap Botox, the price is low for a reason. There are numerous possible problems that can arise from cheap treatment and its poor administration.

Firstly, too much Botox can be used, leaving you with a so-called frozen face that looks unnatural and without emotion. We’ve all seen it too often with celebrities and movie stars, and it’s not a good look.

When too much is used in the forehead, it over-relaxes the muscle that extends across and is responsible for raising the eyebrows. The result is heaviness to the forehead, which can be incredibly uncomfortable. In turn, this weighs down the eyebrows, leaving eyes and eyelids drooping and appearing hooded. Rather than opening up the eyes to make your face look refreshed, it makes eyelids appear worse and your face heavier and more tired. In contrast, too much around the eyebrow can cause it to lift and give it a quizzical, constantly raised look.

When Botox is overused or administered in less than optimal areas, it can cause facial features to drop and lift in all the wrong places. For instance, injections around the eyes to smooth out crow’s feet can when injected incorrectly, lead to a droop to one side of the face. Injections incorrectly made around the mouth and laughter lines can end up giving you a lop-sided smile. It’s not just how much Botox that’s used: it’s where it’s administered. If you’re looking for anti wrinkle injections in Dublin, we understand that this is a delicate process of understanding the facial muscles and the unique features of an individual’s face to ensure the injections are just right.

Your health and your skin are priceless: cheap Botox simply isn’t worth the risk. Invest in the quality you deserve because good Botox can not only improve physical appearance but boost your confidence and transform your life.