How Safe is a Vampire Facial and Why Should You Opt for It?

Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), to give the treatment its technical term, was first used 20 years ago to help with burns and wound healing as well as aiding athletes recovering from injury. It was not until Dr Charles Runels in Alabama trademarked the term ‘vampire facial’ that A-list celebrities began incorporating it in their beauty routines. From there the treatment rapidly gained in popularity – a vampire facial in Dublin has been available for some time due to popular demand.

Blood Withdrawal

A vampire facial or PRP is natural and generally risk-free. It involves taking out some blood from a patient and separating out the plasma.

What Platelets Do

Platelets are blood cells which are rich in growth promoters. They help the body to stop bleeding while also mending damaged blood cells and vessels. When they meet the body’s tissue, they release proteins for growth.

Rejuvenation Procedure

The separated plasma is spread over the face using sterile acupuncture-type needles. It is thought that the growth factors spark a healing response which rejuvenates the skin. New collagen and elastin are produced, as the body has been tricked into thinking that there has been an injury. The injected plasma therefore aids in the construction of a new dermis, creating plumper and younger-looking skin. As it only uses the patient’s blood, this regenerative therapy is safe.

Sites of Injection

Before any needles are introduced, a local an aesthetic is used on the face. PRP can be injected on the forehead, into wrinkles on the upper and lower eyelid, into the nasal-labial folds and into the marionette lines. Some technicians combine PRP with dermal fillers to further plump up difficult areas, such as under the eye.

Benefits of PRP

Getting the vampire facial in Dublin can improve the following conditions:

–        Acne scars
–        Chicken pox marks
–        Sun damage
–        Fine lines
–        Brown colouration

In addition, PRP provides a number of flattering effects. These include skin feeling fresher, the improved appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks, rejuvenation of the under-eye zone, stubborn pore shrinkage and plumping in the cheek area.

Lasting Effects

The treatment typically has no adverse side effects. You can cover any pinkness with make-up the next day, and recovery is quick: results will be visible in two to three days.

The skin can keep improving over several weeks, and positive changes may endure for some months after that. After a vampire facial, the results usually last for nine to 12 months, at which point another salon visit may be necessary.

You can visit your beauty salon for a regular vampire facial in Dublin.


If you have any blood diseases, including bleeding or clotting disorders, do not have PRP treatment without consulting your doctor first. Note that the vampire facelift, which involves being injected deep under the skin, is not the same thing as the vampire facial.

Summary: This cosmetic procedure involving your own blood – hence the name vampire facial – rejuvenates your skin for a younger, fresher look. Made famous by Kim Kardashian, it is now regularly used by celebrities and the general public alike for a glowing complexion. We explain how it works and what the benefits are. It’s important to inform yourself about a treatment and all that it involves before opting to have it.