If you fear going under the knife, but want to rejuvenate your appearance, the innovative non surgical facelift, otherwise known as the 8-point facelift, may be for you. This can involve different procedures used together, including dermal fillers and Botox. It is a low trauma experience for patients, with no stitches or anaesthesia required. You can now find the non surgical facelift in Dublin, at Facial Rejuve Clinic.

The 8-point facelift is a non surgical procedure designed to rejuvenate eight key facial areas:

* the tear trough

* mid-face

* cheek structure

* nasolabial folds (smile lines)

* lip corners

* pre-jowl area

* jawlines

* cheek fillers

How dermal fillers work

Dermal fillers, which can be part of the non surgical facelift, aim to replace lost volume in the face, giving an impression of energy and vibrancy. Our faces acquire lines due to loss of fat and collagen. Dermal fillers can restore a youthful look by lifting facial contours and plumping areas such as the cheeks. They may also be injected along the jawline to provide definition. Different fillers available include hyaluronic acid and gel.

Treatment will be tailored to the unique contours of your face, and will take approximately an hour. Due to the personalised approach, patients’ individual features are subtly enhanced, avoiding the ‘puffed up’ look of surgery. Recovery time is minimal.

Other treatments

Non surgical facelifts may also involve Botox (botulinum toxin), which is generally used to relax wrinkles in the forehead. Botox injections block signals from the nerves to the muscles, stopping them from creating expression lines such as crow’s feet.

Chemical peels can also help to resurface the skin, reducing fine lines, pores and wrinkles.

Length of results

Longevity of the results of treatment depends on the type of procedure you have had. With non surgical treatments, you will probably have to repeat sessions to maintain your look.

The results of dermal filler treatment will gradually fade but may last for six months to two years. At this stage, you can choose to have a top up procedure, or if you stop the injections, the dermal filler gel will simply biodegrade and vanish. With dermal fillers, the more motion in the part of the face, the more the filler dissipates.

Botox generally wears off in 12 weeks.


Most people see an immediate improvement with dermal fillers. Side effects may include redness and swelling. Make-up should be avoided for 12 hours.

With Botox, you are advised to avoid extremes of temperature, vigorous exercise and leaning over for four to six hours.

Bearing in mind these considerations, you may choose a non surgical facelift in Dublin to achieve the bright and youthful face you desire.

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